What requirements do I need to get financing on my new car?

  • Invoice from Car Dealer
  • 2 Forms of Government issued Photo ID
  • Job Letter

*Some Banks may ask for additional information and paper work depending on the applicant.*

Does Ace Enterprise Ltd. offer financing on new vehicles?

Ace Enterprise Ltd. does not offer financing on new vehicles; this can be done at any bank of your choice.

What requirements do I need to get financing on my used car?

  • Requirements are 30% deposit
  • Job letter
  • Standing order (deduction from your savings or checking account)
  • Salary deduction

For used vehicles we offer in-house financing. 30% of the vehicle cost is required as a deposit for vehicle. Our Hire Purchase representatives will have a meeting with you to ensure you are in a financial position to make payments.

How do I trade in my vehicle?

Trading in is a simple process, just bring the vehicle to our dealership and we will take the vehicle on a test drive then document the general interior and exterior of the vehicle and place a value. That value can then be deducted from the new/used vehicle price.

Can I trade in any vehicle of any brand?

Yes, but the vehicle must be in good trading condition.

How much can I trade in my vehicle for?

Your vehicle cannot be traded for half of the value of the new vehicle you are looking to acquire. Trade price is dependent on vehicles overall condition.

Can I special order my vehicle? How long does it take?

Yes you may. Wait time is generally between 2 – 4 months and a deposit is required.

Do you import commercial vehicles?


Do you offer discounts on new vehicles?

Yes. Our Sales Representatives will ensure you get a good discount once you have secured finances. It is also dependent on the vehicle type.

If I don’t qualify for a car loan at the bank, can you help me?

Yes, we have in house financing department. We also have several used and reconditioned vehicles if you’re searching for a more affordable option.

What warranties are offered?

Mazda offers 2 years or 50,000KM, whichever comes first. Mitsubishi offers 3 years or 60,000KM, whichever comes first.

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